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Custom Online Webstore

An online shop is an ideal opportunity for athletic programs to meet the demands of their fans without worrying about running an e-commerce site.  

Our team of developers will create your store, manage your products, and handle all sales transactions. 

Campers can place swag orders prior to camp so that they show up decked out in your team's logos helping to drive your in-person sales. 

How It Works


Define your parameters

Once you've decided to sell online, our team will help you create a webstore that matches your needs. We will work with you to determine product availabilities, designs, and more.


Establish your sales price

Once you've picked out what products to sell, let us know what prices you'd like to sell at. All profits* will go back to you.

*Profits do not include the original sales price. For example, if you purchase a shirt for $10 and choose to sell it for $25 in person, your profit will be $15. However, when selling online, a customer will pay $25 to Kamp Swag. We will then write you a check for the $15 difference.


Get Paid

Kamp Swag takes care of the rest. All processing, fulfillment, and shipping is handled by our staff. You will have access to viewing all orders and receive a check from Kamp Swag for your profits.

More Information:

  • No store setup fee

  • Monthly store maintenance fee ($35)

  • No inventory required

  • Custom domain service

  • Partial branding and customization

  • Product photos included

  • Store only open for purchases in windows (ie: 1-3 weeks at a time)

  • Apparel and Merchandise included

  • Shipping Timeline: 7-10 days after purchasing window closes

Set Up Your Store Today

To get started, please enter your information below.

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